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The Onion as Inspiration for Your Blog

Why the Onion as Inspiration


Founded in 1988 by Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson, this satirical news outlet covers news and culture. Its estimated revenue is $10 million.

The Onion is a satirical digital media company known for its humorous and fictional news stories. In this article we discuss some of its  history, including some key moments.


1. Founding (1988)

The Onion was founded in 1988 by Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson in Madison, Wisconsin. Initially, it started as a weekly print publication focused on satirical commentary and fake news stories.


2. Expansion to Online Format (1996)

In 1996, The Onion embraced the internet and launched its website. The move to the online format allowed The Onion to reach a broader audience and expand its readership beyond its print distribution.


3. Notable Print Issues

The early years of The Onion’s print publication were marked by memorable and irreverent headlines, articles, and covers. The satirical content covered a wide range of topics, often parodying real news stories.


4. “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” (1999)

The Onion published the book “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” in 1999, a collection of fictional interviews and satirical commentary. The book showcased The Onion’s ability to extend its humor beyond the confines of its print and online platforms.

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5. Pulitzer Prize Satire Submission (2001)

In 2001, The Onion made headlines by submitting a satirical entry to the Pulitzer Prizes for its 2000 coverage. The entry was intentionally absurd, highlighting The Onion’s commitment to its satirical identity.


6. Onion News Network (2007-2011)

The Onion expanded into video content with the creation of Onion News Network (ONN) in 2007. ONN produced satirical news videos, mirroring the style of traditional news broadcasts. The videos became popular online.


7. Move to New York City (2012)


In 2012, The Onion moved its editorial offices from Madison, Wisconsin, to New York City. The relocation aimed to enhance the company’s presence and collaboration opportunities in the media industry.


8. Acquisition by Univision (2016)

Univision Communications Inc. acquired a 40% stake in The Onion in 2016, aiming to reach a younger, digital-savvy audience through the satirical brand. The acquisition highlighted the changing landscape of media partnerships.


9. Shift to Video and Digital Platforms

The Onion continued to adapt to changing media consumption habits by increasing its focus on video content and expanding its presence on digital platforms. This included creating original video series and collaborating with streaming services.


10. Launch of The Onion Studios (2021)

In 2021, The Onion launched The Onion Studios, a digital content production studio. This move signaled The Onion’s commitment to creating original digital content across various formats and platforms.




The Onion’s history is marked by its ability to adapt to new mediums while maintaining its satirical and humorous approach to news and current events.

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The brand has become a well-known and influential force in the realm of satire, providing a unique and entertaining perspective on the world.

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