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Should you Monetize your Blog using Adsterra?

Advertising as income for bloggers

Monetizing a blog with advertising is like earning money by letting companies put ads on your website. When visitors come to your blog, they see these ads, and if they click on them or sometimes just view them, you get paid!

It’s a way to turn your hobby of blogging into a source of income. Popular ad networks like Google AdSense or help connect bloggers with advertisers.

The more visitors your blog gets, the more money you can potentially make from advertising.

However, it’s essential to find a balance between ads and content so that your blog doesn’t feel too cluttered or annoying to readers.

With advertising, bloggers can earn money while sharing their passion and knowledge with the world.

Are you looking for new ways to monetize your website or blog? Adsterra may be the solution you’ve been searching for. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Adsterra as an advertising income source.

What is Adsterra?

Adsterra is a leading global advertising network that connects publishers and advertisers.

It offers a wide range of ad formats and monetization solutions for website owners, bloggers, and app developers.

With Adsterra, publishers can earn revenue by displaying ads on their platforms.

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How does Adsterra work?

Adsterra operates on a cost-per-action (CPA) model, which means that publishers earn money when users perform specific actions, such as clicking on an ad, making a purchase, or signing up for a service.

Adsterra uses advanced targeting options to ensure that the right ads are displayed to the right audience, maximizing the chances of conversions and revenue for publishers.

When you sign up with Adsterra as a publisher, you will have access to a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage your ad campaigns, track your earnings, and monitor the performance of your ads.

Adsterra provides detailed analytics and reporting tools to help you optimize your ad placements and maximize your revenue.

What ad formats does Adsterra offer?

Adsterra offers a wide range of ad formats to suit different types of websites and audiences. Some of the popular ad formats include:

Popunder ads

These ads appear in a new browser window behind the main window, ensuring high visibility without interrupting the user experience.

Push notifications

These ads are delivered directly to the user’s device as notifications, even when they are not browsing the website.

Banner ads

These ads are displayed as banners on the website, usually at the top, bottom, or sides of the page.

Native ads

These ads blend seamlessly with the website’s content, providing a non-intrusive advertising experience.

Interstitial ads

These ads are displayed in between page transitions, capturing the user’s attention during natural breaks in their browsing experience.

By offering a variety of ad formats, Adsterra ensures that publishers can choose the format that works best for their website and audience, maximizing their earning potential.

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How do I get started with Adsterra?

Getting started with Adsterra is easy. Simply sign up as a publisher on their website and submit your website or app for review.

Adsterra has a strict quality control process to ensure that only legitimate and high-quality platforms are accepted into their network.

Once your application is approved, you can start integrating Adsterra’s ad tags into your website or app. Adsterra provides detailed documentation and support to help you with the integration process.

You can choose the ad formats and placements that work best for your platform, and Adsterra’s algorithms will optimize the ads to maximize your revenue.

What are the benefits of using Adsterra?

There are several benefits to using Adsterra as an income source:

High-quality ads

Adsterra works with premium advertisers, ensuring that you are displaying high-quality, relevant ads to your audience.

Global reach

Adsterra has a vast network of advertisers and publishers from around the world, giving you access to a global audience.

Flexible payment options

Adsterra offers multiple payment options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, and wire transfer, making it easy for you to receive your earnings.

Responsive support

Adsterra provides dedicated support to its publishers, helping them with any issues or questions they may have.

Regular payouts

Adsterra has a reliable payment schedule, ensuring that you receive your earnings on time.

Overall, Adsterra is a reputable and reliable advertising network that offers publishers a variety of ad formats and monetization options. By leveraging Adsterra’s platform, you can turn your website or app into a profitable income source.


Monetizing a blog through advertising offers bloggers a way to turn their passion into profit.

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By allowing companies to place ads on their websites, bloggers can earn money whenever visitors engage with these ads. While advertising can be a lucrative income stream, it’s important to maintain a balance between ads and content to ensure a positive user experience.

By providing valuable and engaging content alongside strategically placed ads, bloggers can create a successful and sustainable monetization strategy, allowing them to continue sharing their expertise and interests with their audience while earning revenue from their efforts.

So, if you’re looking to monetize your online platform, consider signing up with Adsterra and start earning revenue from your traffic today!

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