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Refinery29 as an Inspiration for Your Blog

Why Refinery29 as Inspiration?

Millions of people focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Many bloggers have started blogs on these niches. It is therefore, of importance that they learn from Refinery29.

Founded in 2005 by Christene Barberich and Piera Gelardi, this blog covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It was acquired by Vice Media in 2019 for $400 million, and its estimated revenue is $100 million.

Refinery29 is a digital media and entertainment company known for its focus on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness, and culture, with a particular emphasis on content aimed at millennial and Gen Z women. 

Below is a brief history and important moments of Refinery29.


1. Founding (2005)

Refinery29 was founded in 2005 by Philippe von Borries, Justin Stefano, Christene Barberich, and Piera Gelardi.

The company started as a small fashion-focused blog in New York City.


2. Early Growth and Expansion

Refinery29 experienced rapid growth in its early years, expanding its coverage beyond fashion to include topics such as beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and culture.

The site’s relatable content and diverse perspectives resonated with its audience.


3. Innovative Content Formats

Refinery29 became known for its innovative and engaging content formats, including listicles, personal essays, how-to guides, and immersive multimedia experiences.

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These formats helped differentiate the site in a crowded digital media landscape.


4. Series and Video Content

Refinery29 launched original video series and documentaries, exploring topics ranging from fashion and beauty to politics and social issues.

The company’s investment in video content aimed to reach audiences across platforms and enhance its storytelling capabilities.


5. Diversification of Platforms

Refinery29 expanded its presence across various platforms, including social media, mobile apps, newsletters, and events.

This multi-platform approach allowed the company to engage with its audience in different ways and reach new demographics.


6. 29Rooms Experiential Events

Refinery29 launched 29Rooms, a series of interactive and immersive art installations and experiences.

These events, held in various cities worldwide, combined art, fashion, technology, and social activism, attracting a diverse audience.


7. Launch of Unbothered and LGBTQ+ Content

Refinery29 introduced Unbothered, a platform dedicated to celebrating and amplifying the voices of Black women. The company also expanded its coverage of LGBTQ+ issues and stories, reflecting its commitment to inclusivity and diversity.


8. Acquisition by Vice Media (2019)

In 2019, Vice Media acquired Refinery29 in a deal valued at $400 million.

The acquisition aimed to strengthen Vice Media’s position in the digital media landscape and expand its reach among younger audiences.


9. Adaptation to Changing Trends

Refinery29 has adapted to changing trends and audience preferences by exploring emerging topics such as sustainability, mental health, and self-care.

The company’s content reflects evolving cultural conversations and societal shifts.


10. COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Refinery29 responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing resources, articles, and support for its audience navigating the challenges of the pandemic.

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The company addressed topics such as remote work, mental health, and staying connected while social distancing.



Refinery29’s history is characterized by its evolution from a fashion blog to a multifaceted digital media company.

The company’s focus on empowering and informing women, along with its commitment to diverse representation and innovative storytelling, has solidified its position as a leading voice in the lifestyle and culture space.


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